SOVF is a special situations merchant bank with a broad mandate to invest in lower middle-market distressed credit opportunities, commercial loans, and business assets. SOVF is an event driven, value investor. We seek differentiated opportunities with a strategic advantage, while rigorously maintaining credit analysis and risk management. Our investments focus on the purchase of non-performing and under-performing commercial loans, acquisitions of assets from strategic sellers and from troubled operating businesses, and bridge loans to severely distressed companies.

SOVF is credit focused. Our investments and financings are in less efficient markets and less liquid businesses. We focus on working with distressed lower middle-market companies across a wide range of industries and asset classes. Our firm, however, does not invest in real estate entities or real estate credits without also investing in or having recourse to an operating commercial or industrial company.

Investments involve financially and operationally troubled companies exhibiting the potential for business improvement. The companies may be underperforming due to poor cost controls, over-leveraged balance sheets, lack of liquidity or access to working capital, weak cash management, a unique event such as loss of a major customer, a down turn in the business cycle, or market or industry change. Our investments are generally short-duration in nature, and involve sub- and non-performing commercial loans, severely distressed situations, fixed-asset intensive credits, substantial pools of accounts receivable, inventory and equipment, and unique situations.

SOVF's senior personnel are actively involved in every business and investment assessment. We take a very active, hands-on approach in our investments. SOVF's breadth of financial, legal, banking, cash management, and operational expertise enables SOVF to very rapidly structure and implement capital solutions in situations involving time or liquidity oriented crises, over-leveraged capital structures, non-ordinary course business conditions and complex legal environments.

SOVF maintains significant cash and liquidity so that we can close our transactions very quickly in times of crisis and dislocation. SOVF pays cash, has no financing contingencies, and completes diligence and closes transactions on an expedited basis.

Special Opportunity Value Fund, LP

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